Microneedling Might Reduce The Visibility Of Your Stretch Marks

If you don't like the sight of stretch marks on your stomach, talk to your dermatologist about microneedling. This treatment is often done to help wrinkles on your face, and it can also be done to help with scars. However, the cosmetic procedure might also diminish the stretch marks on your stomach. Here's how this works.

Microneedling Triggers The Growth Of Healthy Skin

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that's done in a spa or dermatologist's office. The doctor uses a pen or roller that has tiny, sterile, sharp needles embedded in it. The needles pierce your skin and cause damage that makes your body produce new skin. It takes time to see the results of microneedling since it takes time for new skin to grow. Plus, you could need multiple treatments to get the look you want.

The Needles Come In Different Sizes

The needles come in different sizes, and the dermatologist chooses the right size for the thickness of your skin. The larger needles cause more pain and bleeding, so your dermatologist might apply anesthetic cream to your stomach before beginning the treatment.

Microneedling Can Be Combined With Treatments

Since microneedling leaves tiny openings in your skin, it's the ideal time to apply Vitamin C or other types of skin care products so they can be absorbed deeply. Your dermatologist might even recommend PRP therapy along with microneedling.

With this, the doctor draws blood from you and spins it to separate the platelets that are then concentrated and used to spread over your stomach after microneedling. This treatment might provide better results over needling alone since platelets stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Another option your doctor might consider for stretch marks on your stomach is microneedling with RF therapy. This treatment adds radiofrequency to your stomach to heat up the deeper layers of skin to help tighten your stomach area.

Professional Treatments Are Usually Better

You can buy equipment to give yourself microneedling treatments at home, but it's difficult to get good results. You may not be able to withstand the pain and bleeding that's often necessary to get results. Plus, infection is a concern with home equipment that gets used over and over since the needles need to be sterile each time. If you're serious about wanting your stretch marks gone, talk to a dermatologist to see if needling alone or with another treatment is right for you.

A dermatologist provides a safe experience with sterile equipment so you don't have to worry about complications as much and so you get the best results possible. For more information about this procedure, contact a provider such as Sarah Oliver Art.