The Pros And Cons Of Lipstick Tattoos

There are many different forms of permanent make up, including lipstick tattoos. If you are considering tattooing your lips, you may be curious about the pros and cons of doing so. This may help you decide if this procedure is right for you. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of lipstick tattoos. 

The Cons of Lipstick Tattoos

  • Lipstick Tattoos Tend to Fade

One of the biggest downsides associated with lipstick tattoos is that they do tend to fade over time. There are many factors that can affect how long a lipstick tattoo will last, including the natural color of your lips. In some cases, the tattoo may fade as quickly as 12 months. The reason lipstick tattoos fade is because they are tattooed onto your lips using pigment, rather than tattoo ink. Pigment fades significantly faster than tattoo ink. 

  • Lipstick Tattoos Can Hurt

The other disadvantage associated with lipstick tattoos is that they can hurt. Your lips are extremely sensitive, and unfortunate, many numbing creams cannot be used on or around the mouth region. If you have a low pain tolerance, tattooing the lips can be a painful process for you. 

The Pros of Lipstick Tattoos

  • Lipstick Tattoos Can Create the Appearance of a Fuller Lip

One of the major benefits associated with lipstick tattoos is that they can create the appearance of a fuller lip. If your lips are uneven or thin, tattooing your lips can be an alternative to using lip fillers. Tattooing also lasts longer than lip filling, making it a good option for those want long-lasting lip fullness. 

  • You Still Have the Option to Alter the Color of Your Lips

The other advantage to lipstick tattoos is that you can alter the color of your lips, if you so choose. When you get other types of permanent makeup, such as permanent eye liner, you are stuck with that color for the rest of your life. With lipstick, you have the option of selecting a new color when the pigment fades, or still wearing lipstick for a change of color when you want to mix it up.. 

If you wish that your lips had more color, were a different color, or were a bit more even or fuller, a lipstick tattoo may be ideal for you. It is important to understand that although they fall under the label of permanent make up, in most cases, they are not permanent. However, it can alter the appearance and color of your lips for years. Having the color touched-up can help the color to last as long as you desire it to.