How To Dress In A Dramatic Way

Have you realized lately that your wardrobe lacks pizzazz? Perhaps you feel that you don't project yourself in an interesting way. If you have decided that you want to present yourself in a more dramatic way, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your new look. 

Start With The Basics - Look through fashion and glamour magazines for ideas.

  • What is the image you want to portray? Are you wanting a classic Audrey Hepburn look? Maybe you admire the Meg Ryan type of look. Either way, think about your favorite celebrities and borrow ideas from them. For example, if you chose to mimic Audrey Hepburn, you might want to get a pixie hair cut. 
  • Consider going to a professional for a makeup session. Even though it might be uncomfortable for you to enter the facility without makeup, it might still be a good thing to do. That way the makeup artist won't have any preconceived ideas of how you have worn your makeup in the past and he or she can start with a fresh face.
  • Think about buying a wig or even several of them. Be a blond one day, a redhead another day and a brunette the next day. Talk about dramatic!
  • For a really beautiful and different look, consider buying a women's kimono online. There are so many things you can do with a kimono that the possibilities are endless.

Shopping For Dramatic Clothes - Buy women's kimonos online!

  • Adding kimonos to your wardrobe will definitely help you to project a more dramatic look. Don't worry about shopping online for them. If they are not what you wanted, they can be easily exchanged or returned. 
  • Think about purchasing a black kimono that you can pair with prints. For example, a black kimono over slacks of a floral design would be fabulous.
  • In addition, buy kimonos of different prints. Adding a solid shawl in a basic color will make it great for evening wear.
  • The right jewelry will give your kimonos a different look. For instance, wearing a print kimono with chunky plastic jewelry will project a light, fun look. On the other hand, wearing pearls or crystal jewelry with a black kimono will give you an elegant look.

Don't forget to buy kimonos for home use, too. The great thing about kimonos is that you can relax in them and then, if you find you want to run to the store or to the movies, you'll be ready to go. For more information on kimonos, contact an online source like Bling Inc.