How To Prepare For A Brazilian Wax – 4 Things You Should Know

Going to the beach is a favorite pastime for many families. Around 45% of people consider the beach as one of the most popular vacation destinations, and many moms spend a lot of time planning activities at the beach for the summer months.

While at the beach, you are probably going to spend a lot of time in a bikini. So you will need to shave to prepare for your trips to the beach. You can also opt to get waxed instead of shave, but you need to be prepared to know what to expect if you haven't done this before. Here are four ways to prepare for a Brazilian wax.

Know What Kind Of Wax You Are Getting Beforehand

It helps to understand what you are getting before going to the spa. A simple wax only takes pubic hair off the sides. A Brazilian wax removes most of the pubic hairs from front to back. A full-bush Brazilian removes all of the hair from the vulva to between the buttocks. Your decision on what kind of wax you want should be based on your desired results.

Make Sure Your Hair Is The Right Length

Many women make the mistake of shaving before their first wax. If your pubic hair is too short, then the wax cannot pick up the hairs. To get the best waxing results, your pubic hair should be between one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch. This length allows the wax to get a good grip and it releases your hair from the root. If you think that your hair is long, then you should call your waxer before your appointment. Knowing this information allows your waxer to prepare to give you a trim.

Prepare To Get Tweezed

There is the possibility of hairs left behind after your wax. Your waxer usually remove the hairs with tweezers or by plucking. He or she may ask you beforehand before tweezing or may not. It helps to ask your waxer before the procedure on how he or she plans to remove the hair. Knowing this information upfront helps you to prepare to get tweezed.

Know How To Calm Post-Waxing Irritation

It is common to experience irritation after your wax. You should apply an ice pack to decrease inflammation and to close your pores. It also helps to wear loose clothing to prevent chafing.

Some people make the mistake of going through a procedure without doing research. Preparing for your wax prevents you from being surprised and makes it easier. A Brazilian wax is a longer lasting method for removing your pubic hair. This method is a good option for those long summer months.

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