Focusing On Being An Ethnic Skin Specialist

After graduating from a cosmetology school, you are no doubt expecting to find employment in a spa, whether beauty or medical, that can meet the needs of all types of clients. One such group would be women of color, such as African-American or Hispanic-American women. However, it has been suggested that these women often find it difficult to find spas with the technicians who have the knowledge and skill to handle their specific skin variations and skin types to be able to get the radiance out of colored skin that should come with a spa beauty treatment. 

So while you are considering what to focus on for further training at a beauty school, here are two reasons to focus on understanding how to provide exceptional service for clients with colored skin.

You know it so use it

It has also been suggested that the experience in a spa for many women of color sometimes does not match that of their less ethnic counterparts. However, any woman who is willing to pay for beauty treatments that can range from a low of $35 for a manicure to $150 to $200 for a single spa package, should be able to, at least, get a consultant who understands her needs. With specialized training, you could be that consultant.

Your training should equip you with the required knowledge to be able to have informed consultations with clients concerning their beauty regime and regular skin care products so that the client can be put at ease. You should also be able to have discussions with the clients on a variety of skin care products made for colored skin and how best they can work for them. 

Find your niche

Being an ethnic skin care specialist can be an asset to any spa that you work for. It is recommended that colored women should do their research in finding ethnic skin care specialists before deciding on the best place to have their beauty treatments so you might even help to bring in new clients wherever you work. In fact, having specialized training in ethnic skin care can make you more attractive for such clients than a non-expert having as much as 10 years experience in the skin care business. 

While it is suggested that the job market for cosmetologists is expected to grow by 10 percent over the next 10 years from 2014, you can help to make yourself even more marketable in this niche market.