Female Hair Loss 101: A Closer Look For Potential Hair Transplant Candidates

While as many as 70 percent of men will face hair loss or baldness at some point in their lives, women are much less likely to see the same issues with only about 40 percent of ladies seeing the same type of problems. Hair loss is a possibility as a female and if you are faced with thinning hair, there is no question that you will want to do something about it. The most logical and desirable choice seems to be hair transplants for most women who are losing their hair. Here are a few of the biggest questions you may have as a woman if you are losing your hair.

Are all women good candidates for hair transplants?

Not all women are good candidates for hair transplant surgery. This is because hair loss can be related to other health conditions, such as hormonal imbalances. However, there are several conditions and scenarios where hair transplant surgery is a good option for a woman including:

  • Hair loss due to trauma or injury to the head or scalp
  • Hair loss after a cosmetic procedure
  • Hair loss that is similar in nature to male pattern baldness

How do hair transplants work?

Hair transplant surgery involves surgically removing healthy hair follicles from areas of the scalp where the hair growth is thick and healthy and then immediately implanting the healthy follicle in a bare area. As long as the recovery is successful, the newly implanted follicle will adhere to the scalp and start to grow. The hair transplant process can take several procedures to achieve desirable results.

Why is it more men are good candidates for hair loss than women?

Women are less likely to see pattern baldness than a man, which means as a female, hair loss to you may be more obvious by thinning hair than a receding hairline. Hair transplant surgery is not really designed to be a solution for people with thinning hair, as it involves removing hair follicles from one area of the head and implanting them in another. The American Hair Loss Association states that the instability that comes along with female pattern baldness makes them less desirable candidates for the procedure. However, implants can work for you if you are suffering with some of the aforementioned conditions.

The bottom line is this: As a female, hair transplant surgery may not be as open of an option as it would be if you were a male. However, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor to determine if hair transplants could be an option to help you with your hair loss problems. To find out more, contact a professional like the ones at PAI Medical Group Edmonton hair transplants.